Wicked Heat and Wednesday News

Last week here in the south, we hit 105 degrees. It was so hot, my pool felt like a hot tub. A little refreshing, but not all that wonderful. The AC was a blessing.

Now this week, it’s great to be back in the 80s. However the humidity level makes it feel like it’s 100 again. No winning this summer. But, the pool will be cooler and much more refreshing. Especially in the evenings 🙂

I finished my first rough draft of Boneknapper. Yay me!! And yay to all that lifted and encouraged me last week during Insecure Writers’ Support Group. That’s exactly what I needed to push me to finish that last chapter. Thank you.

What’s next? I’m going to let Boneknapper ‘rest’ a couple of days. Maybe I’ll do a little research for a couple of ideas I have. But, I definitely need to work on my author website (WordPress UGH). I think once I get the swing of it, it’ll be easier to use. Right now it’s kind of dreary. So I need to find a different template – one with a splash of color!


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