Genre Favorites Blog Fest

Good Monday Morning to all 🙂


It’s time for Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Genre Favorites Blog Fest.





One blogfest, four favorites!

List your favorite genre of:




And a guilty pleasure genre from any of the three categories! 


If you’d like to join in, just click here and it will take you over to Alex’s blog where you can sign up 🙂


Here are mine:


My favorite movie genre: Romance

I’m a sucker for a good romance and this one had not only me in tears, but also my husband. That’s how I rate a good romance. If it’ll make him cry, it’s a winner! I love the emotional roller coaster that romance movies bring.



 My favorite music genre:


Yup, good old country music. Bet my school years friends would have never guessed that in a million years. I was Pop and Rock through and through growing up. Swore I’d never listen to Country Music as that’s all my parents listened to. Now, I love it. Even the old Country Music. There’s nothing like it 🙂



My favorite books genre:

Had to have seen this one coming. I love Romance books. As far as a sub-genre goes, I like them all from crazy space ones to the contemporary and all in between. I just love my HEAs.



And now my guilty pleasure genre for movies:

Right up my alley. Horror movies. I love the whole ‘hide my face but peek through my fingers and jumping a mile high’ thing. Even now, if I watch a real good one, I’m afraid to get out of my bed after. Lol. Go ahead and laugh. It’s okay. I love it 🙂


So, there are mine 🙂 Going to go visit everyone else’s! Have a great Monday.


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