Sexy Snippets


The Nuthouse Scribblers have come up with Sexy Snippets. It’s where we take seven sentences from a pubbed book or a WIP every Sunday. A bunch of us at the Nuthouse Scribblers are taking part. If you’d like to post your own, be sure to add your name to the linky list for next Sunday.


If you’d like to follow along, click here. And for Twitter users, use #sexysnippets.


This week, I’m pulling my seven from my paranormal suspense WIP, Boneknapper. Last week Dr. Trent Moore and Detective Ciarra Pacelli were getting close and cozy. But, as Ciarra is fighting her attraction for the sexy doc, she can’t help but remember her deceased husband.


Their tongues intertwined. She couldn’t get enough of him as her fingers undid the buttons on his shirt, running her hands along his hairless chest. Her mind screamed to stop this craziness, but she’d been alone for too long.

Trent yanked her shirt up, finding her hardened nipple waiting for his touch. Ciarra arched to fill his hand.

Jack’s face came into view behind her closed eyelids and she cringed. Shit.

Hehe. Stay tuned for next week’s continuation…

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