The Swan Cove Murders

The Swan Cove Murders

Available now at Soul Mate Publishing and at Amazon and also at Barnes & Noble

As if the violent murder of Lena Dixon’s fiancé hadn’t been bad enough, now his brother, Nicholas Hunter, is court ordered to live with her for the next thirty days. And to top it off, the murderer’s ghost is asserting his innocence and refuses to leave until Lena and Nicholas prove it.

The skeptic in Nicholas believes Lena has lost her mind until he witnesses some unexplainable events and is forced to believe in her psychic abilities and his heart’s desire.

As their sexual chemistry heats up, so do their guilt levels. Can they make their new found relationship work, or will it be too late when the real killer comes calling for her?

What reviewers are saying about The Swan Cove Murders:

**4.0 out of 5.0 stars: Clever Ghost Story, February 13, 2012  By: Upstate “C” (Amazon)

Trying to build any kind of romance when ghosts keep interrupting isn’t easy fro Lena and Nicholas. Toss in a murderer who won’t give up, and you have a fast-paced suspenseful read. Don’t miss out on Ms. Shields’s debut novel.

**5.0 out of 5.0 stars: High Octane Thrill Ride, February 13, 2012 By: Lyndack (Amazon)

The Swan Cove Murders is a fast paced, high octane thriller of a novella. Author Donna Sheilds does a superb job crafting a hero and heroine that will stay in memory long after the last page is turned!

**5.0 out of 5.0 stars: Once I started reading The Swan Cove Murders, I couldn’t put it down, November 16, 2011 By: C Yeko “Cheryl” (Amazon)

A riveting ghost story that touches the heart. The hero and heroine have to overcome some serious misunderstanding, a serial killer, and two ghosts to finally find each other.

To make the emotional punch even more significant, one of the ghosts is the hero’s dead brother, and the heroine’s dead fiancé.

The fact that the heroine can communicate with ghosts just raises the drama as she tries to determine if she’s talking to her dead fiancé or his killer.

**5.0 out of 5.0 stats: A must read novella, November 25, 2011 By: Barbara Babbage (Amazon)

If you love a fast paced novella, filled with passion, intrigue, suspense, and things that go bump in the night, then look no further. The Swan Cove Murders, written by Donna Shields, delivers what you are looking for and more. This compact, thriller will keep you captivated from start to finish. Ms. Shields has an obvious flare for creating a sensual, entertaining plot that will keep you guessing, and well developed memorable characters.

Clairvoyant Lena Dixon, the feisty, tenacious heroine, refuses to back down from a challenge and is determined to honor the memory of her decease fiancé, regardless of her rekindled feelings for his brother.

Nicholas Hunter, knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to fight for it. That includes the house left to Lena in the will of his late brother, Earl.

In this match of wits and wills, passion ignites and old wounds are reopened, as they battle over who will take possession of the Hunter’s ancestral home. But when messages from the spirit world raise suspicion that the serial killer, who murdered Earl is not the man the police accused, they must join forces on both  psychic and physical level to find the person responsible…before he strikes again.

If you’re looking for an entertaining scary read, don’t miss The Swan Cover Murders.

**5.0 out of 5.0 stars: The Swan Cove Murders is a compelling MUST read, November 23, 2012 by Ann Montclair (Soul Mate Publishing)

I love a good ghost story and this one has it all- a thrill a minute; sexy, brave protagonists, and a setting that feels real and otherworldly at the same time. I started this story and couldn’t put it down. Donna Shields writes with emotional punch, and she can scare you, too. If you’re looking for a story to keep you up all night, The Swan Cove Murders delivers!



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