Secrets of Jenkins Bridge

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Hunting down a dangerous mob boss has brought FBI agent Mitchell Donovan home, reawakening an old flame, resurrecting a dead best friend, and discovering fatherhood. As if those aren’t enough, his new case will push everything else aside: finding the kidnappers who took the daughter he never knew he had.

Katherine Delaney never forgot the heartbreak Mitchell had caused with his abrupt departure all those years ago. With her dead ex-husband accused of murder and her daughter kidnapped, she will place her trust in the one man who could trample her heart again if she gets too close.  But, will the resurrection of Katherine’s ex-husband and Mitchell’s chase for a killer destroy their second chance at love and happiness?

What people are saying about Secrets of Jenkins Bridge:

**4.5 out of 5.0 stars: Owl Night Review

Review by: Hitherandthee on Jul 26, 2012
Tags: Romantic Suspense
Author Profile: Donna Shields

This is one of those novels that are a rare find. It has tons of romance, as well as edge of your seat action and suspense. Secrets of Jenkins Bridge starts off fast and never once slows down. Long lost loves, broken hearts, abductions, murder, extortion, this novel has it all and then some. There were points where I laughed out loud and cheered for the good guys, and times when I literally chewed my nails in anticipation of what might occur. This is one of the novels that will have a long life, and that readers everywhere will adore. I most certainly did; I couldn’t put it down!

When FBI agent Mitchell Donovan is called out to a car accident, he knows things are not as they seem. When the person they pull from the wrecked vehicle is his former high school girlfriend, things go from odd to dangerously bizarre in a flash. Why did Katherine drive off the road? What secrets did her dead ex-husband carry with him to the grave? Where is her daughter Aly? All of these questions and more will be examined in the course of the story. Once Mitchell and Katherine start to unravel the secrets of the past and examine the players of the present, things will start to come together in a way that no one could ever anticipate.

**5.0 out of 5.0 stars: Great Read, October 5, 2012 by Carol Betterley (Amazon)

I am not a big reader but I found myself unable to put this book down. Every page was full and interesting. If you want a good read then this is the book. Romance and suspense put together into a wonderful story which kept me wanting more. I cant wait to read more from this auther.

**4.0 out of 5.0 stars: October 17, 2012 by Marilyn Rondeau

What FBI agent Mitchell Donovan, discovered when he was called out to a car accident was his former high school sweetheart, Katherine Delaney, the girl he’d left behind 13 years ago. Plenty of things just were not adding up as he delved deeper into the case. What made Katherine drive off the road in practically the same spot her husband , once Mitchell’s best friend, had been killed. More questions evolved especially after Katherine’s daughter Aly went missing at the same time of Katherine’s accident. Mitchell, was intent on finding out what secrets her dead ex-husband carried with him to the grave as well as what Mitchell’s own father had to do with any of it. Undercover for a reason, Mitchell had to answer all those questions along with trying to bring a dangerous mobster, to justice.

*** THE SECRETS OF JENKINS BRIDGE was a quick read at 151 pages, but stellar, none the less. Author Donna Shields packed quite a bit of action and romance in this short novella which made the pages fly. The twists and turns were well done, and though the paternity of Aly was easily deduced, the rest of THE SECRETS OF JENKINS BRIDGE, came out very well orchestrated at the most opportune times.

The only point I seemed confused over was why the FBI would assign someone in as close a relationship (Mitchell and his father), whether estranged or not, to investigate his own father. For some reason, that particular point knowing about all the legal ramifications it could cause would not be the greatest idea. If in fact, the father was involved with the Mobster Mitchell was planning to take down it it would cause problems. 

In so far as the romantic angle of Mitchell resurfacing so many years after he had abruptly left town not knowing his girlfriend was pregnant, I wish the author had spent a bit more time fleshing out that old history. However, the romance was sweet and the other relationships involved in the story were well played out.

Bottom line: Definitely a good read and the twist involving Katherine’s dead husband was played out very well.

**Rose In Bloom rating: December 31, 2012 by Judy Nickles at Romancing The Book

The premise of the story has all the elements of a good romantic suspense–accidents which might/might not actually be what they seem, ex-husband, ex-lover, missing child, family alienation/secrets, organized crime. It’s all there.

All the characters (with the exception of the true villains, of course) exhibit redeeming traits which manage to come out ahead of their less than stellar ones. With a good plot idea and characters than keep the reader guessing about their true motives, the story moves along at an acceptable pace.

The only “but” comes in considering how the characters become involved with an official investigation in an unofficial–and somewhat unrealistic–way. One expects law enforcement, particularly the FBI, to hold a stricter line when it comes to the involvement of “extraneous personnel”, that is, the victim(s). However, taking literary license to keep the storyline moving is certainly an acceptable ploy in this genre.

That aside, for readers who enjoy romantic suspense, Secrets of Jenkins Bridge fits the bill. The story’s strength lies in the twist of how it reveals the actual villain of the situation. The action scenes, as the plot builds toward its climax, are vividly written. In the final chapter, the author winds up most of the loose ends but manages to leave the reader wondering if there are more threads to unravel.



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